$5 Ventriloquism

by Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire

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Originally titled Other Voices, this EP was built from a desire to hear my songs interpreted by, well, other voices. Early in the process I came across a musician based many thousands of miles away. Dying Seed quickly became the ideal collaborator. We worked together throughout the summer of 2012; sending audio files back and forth like a bi-coastal beach volley ball match.

Each time my inbox pinged with the arrival of a new email, I would be steeped in a thick stew of anticipation. I was never less than thrilled when first listening to the results of our digital conspiracy.

This project is a fine representation of new modes of communication and the incipient ease of a generational culture of agoraphobia. There was no jamming at rehearsal studios or the attendant bouts of bar hopping that often follow jamming at rehearsal studios. Instead I was at my home and Dying Seed, presumably, at his. And this project, at least, demanded nothing more than that.

As far as the new title is concerned, it remains unclear to me who is the ventriloquist and who is, for lack of a better term, the dummy. After all, I only provided the script, Dying Seed however gave it voice. And to tell you the truth, I never saw his lips move once.


released September 1, 2012

Synthesizers, guitars, bass - Elliott Marx
Vocals - Dying Seed; Jamindian (Epidemic Form of Home Economy)



Track Name: Freedom from the Stars
So I told her so
I wasn't impressed at all
I wasn't impressed at all
I was bored

Then there was a thud
at least that's what I recall
and this was no pratfall
I was floored

Find freedom from the stars
celestial busybodies spying from afar
find freedom from the stars
a couple of glaring eyes
a thousand staring eyes

Then consciousness relit
on a gurney supine
vulnerable to a cadre of
eyes divine

from birth to earth
private moments that are in between
I'm humiliated in dust,
yet dusk returns your gleam

Find freedom from the stars
celestial busybodies spying from afar
find freedom from the stars
a million glaring eyes
a billion staring eyes
quite a few squinting eyes
Track Name: Orpheus, You Look So Cute in your Phrygian Cap
I siddled up to Orpheus, to better hear his lyre
let the sirens holler, scream and pout
if after me, they'll need to conspire
two or three in fragile harmony
fool me once, fool me twice
I've learned to make fools of others

Damn that bewitching tune

Off we go to charm the birds, fish and all manner of wild beasts
I think I'm sticking with you
let's make the trees and rocks dance
it only takes being fucked over now and again
I think I'm sticking with you
you and your lyre

You look so cute in your phrygian cap
Track Name: Stoned with a Grin (Relativity)
It's not a bad word
when you curse the sun
because it's in your eyes
it's not a bad word at all

It's not a bad sign
when you chip a tooth
and you clutch your chest
it's not a bad sign at all

It's all relativity
relative to this
it's all relativity
if you fail another urine test
it's better than a cardiac arrest

It's not such bad taste
if you lick your fingers
and gossip with friends
telling dirty jokes to one and all

It's not such bad news
when your boss calls you in
and your stoned with a grin
leaning up against the wall

It's all credibility
credible witness
it's all credibility
it's better to embarrass than to shame
I don't think they know my last name

Anxiety, mania, backache and stress
a thousand dirty secrets
too old to confess

And it's worse when you find out you've worked your last day
tonight you'll be sipping a
7 and severance pay

It's not such bad time
if you clap on one
during a Motown song
at least you're clapping along

It's a liability
liable to none
it's a liability

you describe how things are getting worse
kids can't even write in free verse
you want the time machine to reverse
slide the casket into the hearse
Track Name: Epidemic Form of Home Economy
Nobody dances in the suburbs
everybody's talking
savings and loan
and I do too
nobody dances in the suburbs

Nobody chances "Do not disturb,"
everybody's stalking
avoiding alone
it's a fear here
nobody chances "Do not disturb"

When you've got
thirty years more
mortgage payments
more kids in basements
you've sought an
academic form of home economy

It's just a case of classic ennui
everybody's yawning
yet afraid to roam
fold the map; nap
it's just a case of classic ennui

You can't erase the plastic late fee
everybody's fawning
over car and home
fool's gold; bread mold
you can't erase the plastic late fee

When you cough
you're impotent and soft on
a foreclosure that's foregone
you've caught the
epidemic form of home economy
Track Name: We Don't Fit the Same
It's falling apart at the seams it seems
and I thought it was stitched together better than that
but you rip your pants when you get too fat
and they never do fit the same

Nothing tastes as good with whiskey on the tongue
a giggle never as good as when the joke was young
you've become my shadow and from this shadow I'll run
and we just don't fit the same

You've spilled your drink on the jigsaw puzzle
the cardboard is swollen, drenched in gin
the edges soften, turn to mulch
and they never do fit again

An economy seat on a transatlantic plane
an attic full of rats who know my full name
with kibble in the bowl, these old tabbies are tame